Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sandboxie protects your Windows

Today I present you Sandboxie. A Windows application which may save you a headache or two.
Basically, what it does, is runs applications in a closed environment (sandbox), preventing them from making any changes to your system.

That means it is a great app to run your:
-web browser (when visiting questionable websites)
-suspicious applications (cd-key generators for example)
-email client (those supposedly funny emails that threaten you will die if you don't forward it to 10 friends)
-etc . . .

Definately a great application + it keeps your Windows installation nice&tidy!

You can get it HERE


  1. That could be very useful, thanks!

  2. Seems quite cool, thanks for the share

  3. Super useful in the age of malicious software.

  4. I use sandboxie and the one in my AV I have installed. And a VM ;)

    But yeah sandboxie is great

  5. sandboxie is awesome, i have used it before for several things. its helpful and safe

  6. can this stop viruses that may be a part of executables?

  7. I'd like to see how it stands up against other anti-virus/malware programs before getting this, today I find many apps which are just overhyped :) Any hard evidence, by a chance? Just being cautious.

  8. yea avast has a sandbox feature this one better?

  9. @Shaw,
    yeah, supposedly it can. They will not reach your filesystem.

    well, this is not an AV. It is literally helpless and can easily get infected if a virus program is not run within it

    they are not the same, same concept, but functionality is different.

  10. 10x for the post. Following :)

  11. this seems like one of those ideas that should have been done years ago

  12. Neat! There's a program built into my kaspersky antivirus just like this