Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disposable, temporary email's

Today I present you Disposable emails. Ever been to a site or maybe a forum that required registration, but you were reluctant to give your real info or just too lazy to create a new Gmail/Hotmail etc..? This situation is completely bypassable with disposable, "temporary" emails + it gives somehow limited, but still solid Anonimity.

Here are two of them:

one, which requires registration, and that means you have to put yourself on the line + registration takes precious seconds! But it sends notifications of incoming messages to your real mail, that you provide on registration. Well, you could just create another Gmail and set up forwarding for that, no? Depends what you do.. :) The cute thing is that you set the mail expiration, from 1 day to max 1 year, which makes this a disposable email only you can use. is the fast thing, althought anyone has access to that which it contains. The mail is automatically created when something is sent to their domain, and you can access it through their web page. (e.g.: mail send to, and if that specific mail does not exist, it is automatically created).
This means, that you might share your temporary mail with someone else, if you aren't artistic about the naming.

You can ofcourse find many of these by looking up on your favourite search engine.



  1. Thanks, mate! Did not know about these two sites.
    I could really use these. Especially the first one.

  2. Didn't know those kind of sites existed, very useful, thanks!

  3. These are good, I usually use tenminutemail or something like that. There are so many of them.

  4. very useful. i use ten minute mail also

  5. Awesome. I just usually google them, but didn't know about these. Thanks!

  6. I have used hidemyass before it works well

  7. oh sweet i never knew such things exsited but now that i do i have already thought of some good uses! thank you :)

  8. Hidemyass do give info to officers upon request tho... how they got some anon recently... I've used hushmail in the past expires after 3 weeks if not logged into. :)

  9. "HUSHMAIL" is a more permanent solution with more security than yahoo or gmail.

    Another great mail app is "10minutemail". It gives you a working email for 10 minutes, then the email is gone forever. I use to for signing up on forums and stuff like that.